Who is Robert?

Or, more accurately, who was Robert? Contrary to popular belief, none of the members of the band (not even the women) are called Robert Fish. The band was named in homage to a little-known contemporary of Robert Burns, the poet and scoundrel Robert Fish. We are deeply grateful to Jim Weir, whose detailed research brought the life and works of Fish to a wider audience in 1983.

Robert Fish was born in Alloway, Ayrshire on the same day as Burns, and they grew up together. Controversy has reigned ever since as to which of these poets plagiarised the work of the other. We humbly offer a selection of Fish’s work below so that you can decide for yourselves….



In the toon of Alloway

A broken-hearted man does stay

Who sits and weeps on his veranda

All because his name’s Amanda


What a ribbin’ does he take

From Tam and Bob and Bill and Jake!

His days are long and very grim

For a’body does laugh at him


But I hae got a tale to tell;

Amanda has been oot wi’ Nell!

And Jane and Liz and Jill and May!

And Bess and Jean and Kisty tae!


Amanda’s a man for a’ that

Amanda’s a man for a’ that

For a’ that and a’ that

Amanda’s a man for a’ that



Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie heid

Great chieftain o’ the tumbler breed;

Sae aft you’ve served to quench my greed

An’ knock me silly

An’ sent me hame wi’ burlin heid

To hit the pillie.



My mother had a red, red nose

That hints o’ some affliction;

Then doon her throat a whiskey goes;

It’s alcohol addiction!

Till a’ the pubs gang dry, m’dear

Till a’ the pubs gang dry;

Your nose it shall be red m’dear

Till a’ the pubs gang dry.